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JMRC: Metro Neo project on BRTS corridor

The Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation has plans to run low-cost Metro Neo service in the under utilized BRTS corridor. Metro neo can provide safe, eco-friendly, and reliable transportation without disturbing the existing infrastructure. It is reported that that Metro Neo service could easily replace buses in the 7.3-metre wide existing corridor.

Metro Neo is more like an electric trolleybus and the, corridor is a rail-guided urban transport system with rubber-tyred electric coaches powered by an overhead traction system running on elevated or at-grade sections. Its coaches are made of stainless steel or aluminium, and are slightly lighter and smaller than conventional metro rakes.

The estimated speed will be approx 30 kmph as it has to stop at junctions. It is estimated that the project could prove feasible if it’s run on entire BRTS network.