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Simplifying Transportation in India through ITS

Traffic management has always posed a challenge in India and it may continue to become more difficult with every passing day unless we start building some intelligence into the way we look at resolving these issues. The solution lies in leveraging advanced technologies and intelligent solutions. Some intelligent traffic management systems are already being implemented in cities like Delhi and Bangalore making an impact in the form of reduced congestion and less fatal accidents.

Intelligent Transport System is essentially the application of computer and communications technologies coming in aid of the transport problems. This may involve use of CCTVs in strategic junctions, vehicle presence detectors, in-road magnetic loop detectors and other remote video surveillance devices to assure automated control in good or bad weather and in varying traffic volumes. Based on real-time data and historical data, the traffic management system alters traffic signal cycles in real-time, based on the in-situ sensors or surveillance devices, to respond to changing traffic conditions.

These intelligent systems not only provide solutions for traffic congestion but also improve traffic flow and ensure safety of pedestrians. Mass urbanization and proliferation of urban population, especially in emerging economies have surged the demand and production of automobiles, leading to rampant urban traffic jams. Growing need to change or reshape transportation networks to avoid such traffic jams is anticipated to reflect favorably on the global intelligent traffic management systems market.

Advanced technological solutions such as Traffic Signalling Systems, Traffic Data Collection Systems, Traffic Information & Control Systems, Automatic Vehicle Classification systems that monitor traffic, safeguard roadways infrastructure and transportation of commuters & pedestrians. In busy roads and highways, effective traffic management solutions and services play an important role in monitoring various traffic activities.

Implementation of an integrated ITS system in India has many challenges but it nevertheless has the potential of not only being a data repository for the city.

The key aspect in ITS is that the system thinks itself and, or provides data to the authorities, road or rail users and enforcement agencies to be able to manage traffic better and ensure safety for all. The systems issue alerts to a sleeping driver and guidance to planners and travellers / pedestrians, inform of dark spots on the road ahead, help communicate with passengers in case of emergencies, help plan trips better and with ease, in much less time than before, help park better and contribute towards reducing accidents and fuel emission. Intelligent Transport Systems, in a nutshell, are systems with advanced IT applications that make transport and travelling intelligent & smart, help in better traffic management, and ensure safety for users.

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