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India’s First All-Electric Ex-Servicemen Managed Cab Service SainikPod Launched In Bengaluru

MotherPod Innovations Private Limited has launched the ‘SainikPod Sit & Go’ mobility service in Bengaluru. SainikPod Sit & Go is India’s first all-electric Sainik-managed app-free mobility solution for last-mile commuting. Starting today, the SainikPod Sit & Go cars will be available in the city. The service has a Triple Safety policy/protocol that includes: a safer riding experience for passengers, healthier and pollution-free rides, and stringent sanitisation protocols.


First, it makes local commuting simple for people who find app-based ride-hailing services cumbersome and/or time-consuming. With SainikPod Sit & Go, all one needs to do is flag down an available car (evident from its green rooftop indicator). Once inside, the passenger books their ride by making a missed call to a number provided in the vehicle. And that’s it! The passenger can then sit back as (s)he is escorted to their specified location.


The second USP of SainikPod Sit & Go is its careful attention to safety. Each specially-customised electric vehicle is outfitted with features including:

  • A secure acrylic partition to maintain social distance between the driver and passenger(s)
  • A Smart Meter to help MotherPod’s Sainik Control Room track the vehicle
  • A Panic Button
  • A Speed Governor to ensure a safe and comfortable ride

SainikPod Sit & Go also furthers the Indian government’s mission of slashing vehicle-based emissions and ameliorating the air quality in our congested metros.


“SainikPod, a unique Ex-servicemen (ESM) driven initiative, provides end-to-end Zero Carbon Footprint mobility solution. In addition to offering safety and security, this solution also achieves a major social objective of dignified resettlement of our exemplary Sainiks and their spouses,” said Shri. Rama Subramaniam, Promoter of MotherPod, and Managing Trustee, Sushil Swabhiman Trust.

“We are proud to be strategically associated with MotherPod, whose niche fleet solution is unique and useful to urban commuters and imbued with noble intent, providing employment to ex-servicemen,” said Mr Samir Yajnik, Executive Director, Electra EV.

The company also plans to build a network of charging stations for its fleet. Currently, the SainikPod Sit & Go cars can travel around 120 kilometres on a single charge. MotherPod further plans to launch the SainikPod Sit & Go solution in Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad in the near future.

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