TrafficInfraTech Expo 2022 Newsletter - Day 2
Action - Packed Day 2
  • "It is amazing to see technologies that we have seen abroad on display here today."
  • "Wireless communications, sensors, AI-based technologies, 5G... have been the highlights of this show."
  • "The topics and the presentations at the Conference effectively addressed the challenges being faced and what the future will look like."

  • "After seeing the exhibition, I'm really happy and confident that if you apply the right technology at the right place you can drastically reduce and control the number of accidents and fatalities" said, Vivek Bhimanwar, Transport Commissioner, Maharashtra The Day 2 of the TrafficInfraTech Expo, ParkingInfraTech Expo, Smart Mobility Expo and RoadInfraTech Expo witnessed a flow of high level officials from PWD, NHAI, officials from Municipal Corporations across India, Enforcement Authorities, Smart City Officials & Consultants, and players from Infrastructure segments. Every new technology which promised to shape the future of the Traffic, Mobility and Infrastructure industries, captured the attention of the visitors. Be it Nano-technology based solutions for long-lasting Roads, pedestrian Bollards, Smart Barricading Systems, 4G Mobile Radar interceptors, ADAS, AI- based Smart Camera System generated interest in visitors and delegates alike. There were more than 26 new products/system/technologies launches at the Expos.

    The conference sessions were the highlights of the day. The hall was packed with quality delegates who stayed till the end participating in the discussions. How do you see the ITS landscape evolving once 5G is fully rolled out? How shall 5G benefit automotive and transport sector? How important is ADAS to ensure road and passenger safety? How can the city parking problems be solved? There were discussions on working toward s integrated public transport systems. The technical presentations included Traffic Control and Management in Cities; Trend in transportation security; enhancing vision and connectivity in ITS; Advanced MDVR & Security Surveillance System in Commercial vehicles; Traffic Monitoring and Enforcement Solutions for Highways and Future of Parking in India: The need for evolution and adoption of Parking technologies & design

    New product launches at TrafficInfraTech Expo 2022
    A R Square Infra Solutions - 'Sound-Shield' Absorptive Sound Barrier Panel
    Sound shield absorption measures the amount of sound energy absorbed by a material, and is one of the most important performance in the acoustic design. It also provides the right balance between reflection and absorption. The Sound-Shield has a long life span of around 20-25 years. Its aluminum property is much more durable as compared to the other noise barriers that are made of steel. It follows the European National Standards (EN) in supreme quality and testing and is filled with Rock Wool to absorb the sound. Its doubled sided absorbent allows it to be painted over if required. It is weather resistant and can withstand any climatic conditions.
    RoadPod VM - Real-time, non-intrusive Traffic Counter - Metrocount
    The RoadPod VM magnetometers are small, unobtrusive and off -grid vehicle counters that provide real-time data on traffic movements. RoadPod VMs work in an array to accurately count vehicles, monitor speeds and classify vehicle type based on the length of each passing vehicle. Gap and headway information is also available and all data is precisely time-stamped. The RoadPod VM is designed to be the simplest and fastest traffic sensor to install on sealed roads or cycleways. Simply apply a specialised adhesive pad to the road surface, heat and place the RoadPod VM on top. This method allows installation to occur quickly, with little to no traffic management or cutting/ grinding of the road surface and ensures longevity of each RoadPod VM on the road.
    Declaat India Pvt. Ltd. - Body worn camera
    Declaat India provides the body worn camera that is a highly integrated device designed for security and law enforcement. A small, light, and easy-to-carry device, it allows law enforcement agencies to record the audio and video of the incident. It has built in 64GB storage that allows for hours of footage without worrying about running out of space. Designed with a wireless body camera and back clip, this device can be easily setup with a smartphone app.
    Marine Car Parx - Parking Solutions
    Marine Car Parx offers an innovative and green parking solution. Using a gantry crane, the cars are placed in crates and stacked vertically, up to five tiers high. As a result, the parking capacity is increased five-fold. There is no need for excavation or elaborate civil works, the structure and the gantry can be dismantled & relocated, in case, the customer wishes to put the land to a different use in future. Ease of maintenance is ensured through minimization of moving parts, and this also results in increased reliability.
    Day - 3 Schedule
    Session IX - Round Table session
    GPS based Tolling: Interaction on the technology and action plan
    • Presentation
    • Technical Presentations
    Session X
    Taking India's EV based sustainable transport System to the next level (A Niti Aayog Initiative)
    • New National EV policy and the salient features
    • E- vehicle transition in Shared Mobility
    • Circular Economy financing Sustainable Technologies for greener tomorrow
    • Advanced Chemistry Cells for EV
    • OEM- Innovations In the EV space
    • Charging infrastructure: Bangalore: A case study