According to a study conducted by IBM in 2011 it was found that 30 per cent of a city’s traffic comes from people hunting for parking spaces, not to mention the amount of fuel consumed on account of the same. It has been observed that a third of New York City drivers spend about 20 minutes, on an average, searching for parking. Closer home, in India too parking is fast becoming a ‘national’ issue.

Finding a parking spot on the streets for ‘short time parking’ though considered convenient is often hard to find and can result in creating jams. It begins with the search for the perfect spot which in turn may also result in burning of the ever depleting resource – fuel. What if there was a way with which we could find a parking slot, or even better, reserve it in advance?

Get My Parking is an effective mobile application provided by Agile Parking Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to take care of today’s need of smart parking management system. It consists of low-cost sensors, real-time data collection and mobile-phone enabled automated payment systems. Agile Parking Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has been working on delivering excellent value-for-money solutions to the transportation industry, permitting cities to carefully manage their parking problems. The solution is integrated with modules technically and economically advantageous for a better parking experience. Get My Parking ticks the three boxes which are a dire need of today – easy, convenient and cashless.

Along with reducing car emissions by limiting the need for people to unnecessarily circle around the streets for a parking spot, Get my Parking also decreases the use of confusing instructions. The app shows available slots for parking or very accurately predicts where an individual is likely to find a spot. The key feature of this application is that it’s user-friendly, offering only a few easy steps towards a smooth experience.

Continuous growth of the urban population has drastically reduced the chances for an individual to quickly find a parking space and pay for it without any hassle. MassPark offers benefits just in regard with these needs. They are as follows:

  • No more searching for change.
  • Simple and quick registration.
  • Extend parking remotely.
  • On the spot account management.
  • Activate parking session for a car with different vehicle registration plate.
  • Optional text message reminder before parking time expires.
  • Environment friendly since no paper is used.

Road traffic safety in India is thus taking a massive turn with intelligent parking management systems. At ParkingInfraTech Expo, many such solutions are planned to come together under one roof, offering a glance into a convenient and better future.