The Growth of Traffic Surveillance

Smart city solutions are best serving the needs of citizens to live a safe, convenient and happy life. The mission to develop smart cities in India consists of many diverse tasks and application of distinctive surveillance systems is one of them. Imagine a city with a high-tech surveillance system that captures every moment on road of everyday. Wouldn’t that count for an effortless managing of our day-to-day problems? Hence, accurate automatic detection of offending acts is believed to be the key to react more effectively to traffic violations.

Security video systems have to deal with a lot of difficulties and the diverse needs of modern traffic surveillance. Most people take traffic regulations very lightly and to control that is an effort worth courting a stubborn child. Video surveillance systems appear as a boon here, however, even these systems have limitations or perhaps people are underestimated with practising multiple escape tricks from violations. The cameras, therefore, must provide exceptional image quality in all light conditions. Also the resolution must be high enough for license plate recognition and a single device must cover large scale areas at once.

AllGoVision is a traffic surveillance system satisfying the highest specifications that a contemporary traffic surveillance system should provide. AllGoVision believes that it is essential to get clear and sharp images of fast moving cars, that can be used as irrefutable visual evidences when times come to prove a traffic violation. If a vehicle breaks the traffic rule, the system automatically detects it on-site with high precision. It then creates a violation package which will be recorded in the local and the centralized database. Further, the violation management server downloads several images of the offending vehicle to a centralized image container. At the intersection, the AllGoVision VCA module automatically detects the number plates in the images. The module then crops the images and sends only this small amount of data to the centralized automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) for character recognition. The integrated ANPR recognizes the characters of the license plate, transforms it and sends the license plate data to the Traffic Surveillance System Server for further processing. The AllGoVision Traffic Surveillance System automatically requests the exact vehicle data from a vehicle database based on the recognized plate information.

AllGoVision is a multi-purpose system. Along with traffic surveillance functions, it is also suitable for city surveillance allowing real time monitoring of all cameras. It even offers fast pan-tilt-zoom camera control and easy archive playback as all camera images are recorded. Automatic violation detection and end-to-end work flow with 20 megapixel cameras for decreasing the total system cost are additional perks of this system. Collectively in traffic surveillance, AllGoVision offers, speeding detection, red light violation detection, stop line violation detection, one-way traffic violation detection, bus lane violation detection, wrong way traffic violation detection and traffic counting.

AllGoVision is exhibiting at the TrafficInfraTech Expo, 2017, the platform which is solely devoted to contribute towards newer ideas enhancing road safety. Many more such surveillance systems are proud participants of this program, providing convenient modern measures in accordance with traffic intelligence.