Innovative Traffic Solutions India Needs

TrafficInfraTech Expo and ParkingInfraTech Expo are the central points for the transport industry to showcase their latest technology and developments.

Globally, India is gaining prominence as an economic powerhouse, but there are certain issues that raise concerns like vehicular traffic and the continuously rising accidents associated with it. Furthermore, the upsurge in traffic snarls is far greater than the road infrastructure and the number of highways coming up.

The Indian government is expected to spend Rs. 25 Lakh Crore on infrastructure development in the coming years. Considering the future and in order to make the country better, the Indian government is encouraging foreign investments and inflow of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) technology and road safety measures.

The international technology providers are keen to enter India through partnerships and joint ventures that will enable them to be part of the fast progress the country is making in the traffic infrastructure front.

Aptly, TrafficInfraTech Expo and ParkingInfraTech Expo -act as the most effective platforms for reviewing the status of the national and international developments in urban and highway traffic management. The expo brings together the governments, law enforcement authorities, researchers, urban developers, infrastructure developers, NGOs and most importantly, the product and system providers for exchange of knowledge and technology.

TrafficInfraTech Expo and ParkingInfraTech Expo have now become the central point for traffic transport industry to showcase the latest in traffic technologies from around the world: HTMS, traffic signal controls, traffic violation detectors, road marking, street lighting, highway security, traffic simulation, electronic sensors, access control, noise barrier, safety barriers, reflective signage, vehicle tracking systems, parking technology, tolling, smart ticketing, VMS, communication systems, CCTV cameras, etc.

Some of the innovative products on display from Indian companies are LED signs for traffic management and integrated road transport management, tolling solutions, traffic signals and video surveillance, VMS, traffic counter, bus interior, bus accessories, ITS, Vehicle tracking stations, traffic and transportation data collection & traffic data analysis, RFID and stimulators.

On display, there will also be new systems from around the world for traffic management and safety and parking viz., mobile crash attenuator from Belgium, impact absorbing crash barrier from Korea, video surveillance systems from Hungary, wide-range sensor technology from Germany, road marking machines from Denmark and Austria, parking management solutions from Sweden, France, Australia and Korea, toll station barriers from Germany, fleet management systems from France, LED display and road safety systems from China, sensors for vehicle weighing systems from Switzerland, speed display sign and rubber speed hump or flashing beacons from USA, vehicle tracking and fleet management from the Netherlands, and portable traffic monitoring and traffic survey from Australia.

It is indispensable to implement ITS to make Indian traffic smooth, safe and speedy. TrafficInfraTech along with ParkingInfraTech Expo has grown over the years to include multiple areas to bring to the fore traffic solutions specific to the country.