“The Expo provides valuable insights”

• TrafficlnfraTech Expo- what does it mean to you?

India is changing drastically and nowhere is this more visible than on our roads.  Modern infrastructure, fourth generation communications for road management & control and faster transit times are becoming the norm. Safety on the road however remains to be tackled.  The core mission of the Traffic & Smart Cities team at Ador is to contribute to this sector by helping Indians get home safe.  We do this through our speed enforcement IP and technology, our distracted driving enforcement algorithms and also our smart traffic variable message signs and variable traffic sign systems.  TrafficInfraTech Expo provides us the opportunity to highlight how we can contribute to keeping Indians safe on the road and to display/ present our products and capabilities.

TrafficInfratech Expo also is a platform to discuss, raise awareness and find solutions to safety challenges on roads. It is not so much a business meeting place for us, but a forum for people to find actionable solutions together, along with many stakeholders – be it commuters, key decision makers, and conscious business houses like ours.

• Is this the first time you are coming to TrafficlnfraTech Expo?

This, in fact, is the third time that we are coming to the Expo, and every time it has exceeded our expectations. It has given us valuable insights and has provided us with a platform to showcase our latest solutions.

• How has your brand benefited from this show?

We were fortunate to develop a lot of valuable connects across all stakeholders of the value chain which eventually helped us secure significant projects across various smart cities and road projects. The vital aspect of TrafficInfratech is that it helped us grow our reach and awareness as a brand in front of a larger audience. Although not a household name, we have now established ourselves as a recommended company in sectors relevant to our core capabilities.

• Did business conversations at TrafficlnfraTech expo 2017 lead to fruitful commercial opportunities for you?

TrafficInfratech has proved to be a substantial partner for relevant business leads and conversations, which, with the right strategy, have turned out to be successful conversions. We expect even greater opportunities and are excited to be a part of more impactful connects this year.

• Your message for the team of TrafficlnfraTech expo. 

Kudos to the team of TrafficInfratech for arranging and facilitating the expo so efficiently; keeping everyone’s needs in mind. We expect a higher footfall this year with wider publicity for the platinum sponsors. That being said, we are looking forward to participating in and have fun this year too! Good luck – we are here to support you.