20 - 22 November, 2019
Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai

20 - 22 November, 2019 Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai

Concurrent Expo

Mobility: Smart today, Smarter tomorrow

November 20, 2019 (Day 1)
Opening session

  • India’s Future Mobility plan
  • Global trends in Future Mobility
  • Funding Infrastructure development
Workshop for the police on Crash Investigation

  • Training by IRSC
1.00pm – 2.00pm: Lunch
Safer & Smarter Roads

  • Safety in highspeed corridors
  • Road Safety: A vision beyond Concession agreement. Panel Discussion
  • Tunnel safety
  • Multilane freeflow tolling and GPS based tolling
  • Helicopter ambulance for road safety
November 21, 2019 (Day 2)
Urban Transformation & Mobility
ITS/ MaaS /Connected automated and infrastructure systems

  • Communication protocols and networks: DSRC, cellular/mobile (e.g., 5G) V to V, V to I, and V to X
  • Data sources, analytics, and management of Information; Case studies
    • Sensors systems and networks
    • Challenges in Big data management
  • Indian perspective of understanding training, policy and implementation of ITS
  • MaaS: International experiences; framework for broader deployment
  • Bike Mobility and Vehicle Pooling
  • Public Transport network planning and scheduling – Role of urban/suburban (Metro) rail and Buses
  • Highspeed rail
  • Hyperloop
Logistics and Transport

  • Opening Address – Policy framework and action plan
  • Vehicle Telematics in India/Policies, standards and compliance. Growth and Challenges Panel Discussion
  • Industry 4.0 : Digitalisation of Commerce, IOT, Block Chain. RTA
  • How Convergence of IoT and Blockchain can drive the logistics and transport sector? The technology intervention
  • Changing business models in the logistic sector: Funding and sales strategy
  • Consolidation of Mega Players and convergence in the sector
1.00pm – 2.00pm: Lunch
Parking in Smart cities

  • Optimum use of land assets for parking; Developing and management; Finding sustainable models for off street and on street parking (Panel discussion)
  • Smart City presentations
Metro rail and Effective Bus Transport Collaboration (Panel discussion)
Openloop Payment System

  • Public Transport
  • National Electronic Toll Collection
November 22, 2019 (Day 3)
Electric Vehicles

  • Creating an EV eco systemfor public transport, shared mobility, and last mile connectivity

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