Smart Traffic Solutions to bring about Revolution in Indian Road Traffic Management

The Traffic Infratech Expo 2016 will act as platform for many new traffic technology solutions to be showcased in India. The Traffic Expo will also welcome many architects, builders and developers, contractors and government officials like various municipal corporates and many others who will look to implement these intelligent traffic technologies in India. These technologies will lead to a revolution in the Indian traffic management system to bring about efficiency in road traffic management and traffic law enforcement like never before.

Mentioned below are some of the highly advanced road traffic technologies used in the modern world

Automated Tolling Systems

The days of pulling up to a booth, fishing around for quarters to pay the fare, then waiting for the security arm to rise before proceeding will come to an end. Today’s toll roads use sophisticated, efficient technology that allows motorists to pay tolls while driving at highway speeds – without stopping and waiting.

Any toll collection system used on a new bridge will be a state-of-the-art, all-electronic tolling facility. This “open road tolling” technology relies on electronic tolling gantries, or frameworks, that stretch over the roadway and assess the toll as vehicles move beneath it. No one has to stop or even slow down for the toll to be collected.

Traffic Analysis Software

This Software will be connected to various surveillance cameras at various accident prone bottlenecks in the city .The data provided by these surveillance systems is integrated with the software. It provides a thorough analysis and gives necessary information regarding vehicle detection and classification, velocity of detected vehicle, time taken to clear up a junction, flow statistics and trajectory laws of vehicles.

Advanced Video Surveillance

Many cities in India have already implemented a video surveillance system for road traffic management. However, this has been done before recent developments in megapixel IP cameras and video analytics, so it would be pertinent to discuss the impact of these two developments in traffic management technologies and their implications for enforcement of traffic rules. Due to the development in traffic management technology, Intelligent Transportation Systems have managed to implement cameras with higher resolution to ease monitoring and also increase the clarity of the captured violations.

The range of cameras is wider and more dynamic which facilitates the quality of the image even in adverse light or high contrast conditions.

These advanced traffic technologies along with many more will be showcased at the Traffic Infratech Expo 2016. We welcome you to come and visit the traffic expo and witness the revolution in our nation’s traffic management system.