KENT Intelligent Transport Systems

Founded in 1998 under the leadership of Mr. Sandeep Pawar, KENT Intelligent Transport Systems is one of the front runners in providing Toll Management Systems in India. KENT ITS believe in providing customized Toll Management Systems according to the needs of their clients rather than a generic Toll System which may not serve the purpose on every occasion.

WEB Toll Enterprise Resource Planning (Web Toll ERP).

Considering the large number of vehicles on our roads, the current Toll Management System in India is still relatively primitive when compared to other Asian nations like Japan, Thailand etc which have more efficient Toll Systems. It has been understood that setting such a system up is a complex job as it involves an array of processes like 24 Hours Operations, Cash Handling, Multiple/ different Sites/ Plazas, MIS, Accounts, HR and hence a need for an efficient Toll Management System is strongly felt nationwide. Web Toll ERP is a robust and user friendly software caters to all of the above mentioned processes and does more for their clients with customer satisfaction being deemed to be their prime concern.

KENT AVC (Automatic Vehicle Classifier)

This system helps automatically classify the vehicle and its tolling category based on its physical structure. Initially all the concessionaires were dependent on foreign players for the toll collection system. These foreign players had several limitations in extending support services. The main drawback of these systems was that these were not compatible with Indian conditions. After thorough research and development KENT has made this AVC board perfectly suitable for Indian conditions.

Toll Lane Controller (TLC)

To do away with the problems of harsh and dusty environment and space constraints in the toll booth, KENT has come up with this Toll Lane Controller. Comprising of a Relay Board, Lane PC, MD and other components in one just one unit , it has quite useful in prohibiting malpractices on the lane and ensuring space availability in the toll booth.

Parking Management System

Along with Toll Systems, KENT ITS also provides Parking Solutions through their robust software. It aims at solving the parking problem in cities where lack of parking space is so often experienced. In cities due to the increased number of cars, smooth and economically feasible method for car parking is an absolute necessity. This software solution is applicable to a wide range of small to large parking in residential as well as commercial complexes. It is also flexible enough to fit itself with any type of parking pass system with different classes of vehicles or different types of fee system. It provides a fully Automated Parking System by using specialized equipments like Smart Card, Barrier etc. which makes car parking more convenient than ever before.

The latest from Kent – ITS along with many other companies will be on display at the TrafficInfraTech Expo, 2016. So, visit Asia’s largest show on smart and safe mobility and witness technologies that will move India miles ahead in the spectrum of Tolling and Parking Management Systems.