ANPR and RFID; a shot in the arm for Traffic Management

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system is one of the modern traffic technology solutions which aim at achieving a much larger identification of traffic rule violations, within a shorter time-frame, and without having to increase number of monitoring personnel. It is one of the major breakthroughs for Road Traffic Management Systems throughout the world.

Nowadays, the ANPR technology has improved its reliability as systems are able to offer recognition rates between 95 and 98%. Also, ANPR equipment is able to recognize the number plate of vehicles that drive up to 200km/h.

The traffic management system includes two units. The Capture Unit that takes the image of the vehicle, and the Process Unit that receive the image from the Capture Unit and carries out the recognition of number plates. The Process Units can control one or more Capture Units simultaneously.

The ANPR traffic solutions have various advantages like easy installation, simplicity of communication and reduced cost due to less wiring. These systems have proven to be very effective in the European Union and the United States and promise to be an efficient Road Traffic Technology in India as well.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

RFID belongs to a group of traffic technologies referred to as Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC). AIDC methods automatically identify objects, collect data about them, and enter this data directly into a computer system with little or no human intervention.

RFID methods utilise radio waves to accomplish this. RFID tags, which can be placed on cars, contain an integrated circuit and an antenna. RFID readers, installed on the arch gates of Toll Systems or Parking Systems, then pick up the radio waves from the car and covert these waves in to information. Information that is then transferred through a communications interface on a host computer system, where it is sorted and then utilised in carrying out payments.

RFID has great potential for use on Toll Systems and Parking Management Systems as it saves a great deal of time and effort which goes into these activities. It will also cut down on the man power required to carry out these activities thus adding to the productivity and cutting costs.

As a competent traffic technology solution, RFID has been used by many developed countries throughout the world providing efficient results by adding to their road traffic management systems. Many companies providing ANPR and RFID solutions will be showcased at TrafficInfratech Expo, 2016. We invite you to come and explore the latest developments in Traffic Technologies, Parking Solutions, Road traffic management systems and many other technologies at the TrafficInfratech Expo, 2016.