Manual Ticketing

Manual Ticketing the practice of collecting fares manually (without the aid of an automated machine). ‘Fare collection’ generally refers to the collection of fares in the mass transportation systems in return for a ticket or passes to travel. Manual fare collection is increasingly becoming obsolete with the introduction of intelligent traffic solutions like smart cards such as the Transport for London ‘Oyster card ‘or ‘T-money’ in South Korea.

Automated Ticketin

Traffic technologies have grown over the years and manual fare collection is fading away, being successfully replaced by automated pay stations where users can validate their tickets thus saving a great deal of time and manpower. These are traffic technology solutions which involve a machine with a touch screen and are operated using Smart Cards. The passengers can purchase and recharge Smart Cards from ticket counters. The Smart Card has to be placed on a slot in the machine and user has to select the route and the ticket is printed and delivered. Once the ticket is issued, charge is debited from the smart card. It is cashless, convenient and a service that is available round the clock.

Automated Pay Stations (Parking Management Solutions)

This parking management system consists of a comprehensively flexible unit capable of working independently or even as part of a networked system. It accepts a variety of tickets and offers customized rates and a wide range of payment methods like coins, currency notes and cards. It facilitates easy payment and also saves time and effort which goes into collection of parking fares. The user can avail parking services and make payments with ease. After the payment is made, the machine generates a receipt for the user which he can produce during the time of exit. This car parking management system is useful for the parking service provider as it saves a lot of manpower cost and also for the user as it saves a lot of time and interaction.

Validation Machine

This is a traffic solution as well as a parking management solution used for easing the process of ticketing. It involves a scanner which scans the ticket or the smart card and in case of tickets it validates it and charges the smartcard with respect to the fare amount. It is a cashless system which cuts down on manpower and also saves time and effort.

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