Waiting in line is taking its toll on time and fuel; but not for long!

It is easy to imagine being stuck in a jam, wasting away time and fuel in a long-tail queue of vehicles waiting at a tolling plaza. Each one jockeying to get ahead of the other, cutting lines and adding to irritancy of the whole experience. Only to get to booth and find an over worked tolling officer, doing his best, which is still not good enough to keep up with the vast number of vehicles still backlogged and waiting to get through. Well, the gates of progress are beginning to burst open and here is how!

E-Toll systems, making life easy!

Now imagine this, driving through a tollbooth, no stopping involved what so ever. Hard to imagine but it is phenomenon soon to be common amongst all tolling plazas of the country. As announced by NHAI, who is approaching National Payments Corporation of India to set up an interbank clearing house to enable the project, the E-Toll system is soon to be implemented at tollbooths across the country.

How does this intelligent toll management system work?

The E-toll management system aims to reduce time spent at tolling booths by doing away with the need to stop at one altogether. The system requires all vehicles to have an id tag that is electronically picked up and the toll amount to be directly debited from the users account. In case a certain vehicle is not part of the system, toll officers are notified and can then proceed to carry out the tolling physically. The toll management system provides a cashless and convenient tolling experience without the need to actually stop a toll plaza.

How will it help?

A joint study by students of IIM Kolkata and The Transport Corporation of India reveals that a shocking 27,000 crore rupees goes up in fumes due to time wasted at a toll plaza. The situation is compounded with the same study going on to state that an additional 60,000 odd crore of fuel is wasted whilst slowing down and stopping at toll plazas. E-toll system seeks to do away with the massive waste of time and fuel by eliminating or at the least reducing time spent at the tollbooth.

When can one you expect to see this smart toll management system to roll out?

Honourable Minister of Road Transport and Highway, Nitin Gadkari, announced that the e-tolling systems can be expected to be fitted at 360 tolling booths across the country by April end of this year. Adding that all the proceedings have been fast tracked and so, we, the end users can expect a much quicker, more convenient tolling experience very soon.

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