Mobile app to generate e-challans in Vadodara

Mobile app to generate e-challans in Vadodara

If you are caught violating traffic rules on city roads of Vadodara, the traffic cop will now simply pull out his smartphone and click the photo of your vehicle’s registration number. An e-challan will then reach your residence in the next few days. To smoothen traffic flow in the city, police have decided to crack down on rule violations. To make sure offenders are penalized, cops have taken to technology.

A special mobile application has been installed on smartphones of head constables. When they see a traffic rules violation, all they have to do is intercept the offender and click a photo of the vehicle’s license plate using the mobile app called Vadodara Traffic Police (VTP). The smartphones of these cops have been connected to the software in the police control room. When they enter the photograph of the licence plate and details of the driver, the information will be fed into the e-challan section at the control room. An e-challan will then be generated and sent to the address of the offender.

The traffic police are already using CCTV cameras to identify and penalize those driving on the wrong side, jumping signals and riding two-wheelers without helmets. E-challans are being sent to the residences of offenders, but CCTVs cannot cover all areas. Also, on-the-spot photographing of vehicles and sending e-challans is expected to discipline commuters.

Police have already launched a drive to remove dark film from car windows and penalize those who have installed non-regulation number plates. Several teams will hit city roads every day to identify offenders and penalize them.

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