Delhi Transport Department to introduce Smart e-challan system

Delhi Transport Department to introduce Smart e-challan system

Errant vehicles will now be easily prosecuted for polluting, overloading or violating traffic and road safety norms in Delhi. Come August 1, violators will be fined with an e-challan, if they violate traffic lights or speed limits on Delhi roads. The Delhi Traffic Police will no longer be the sole enforcement agency utilising technology to make the streets of the national capital safer. To control traffic violations, the Delhi government’s transport department will start issuing e-challans to traffic violators instead of manual challans from next month. An integrated e-challan system is expected to bring in more transparency in the prosecution of vehicles violating the Motor Vehicles Act. As soon as an e-challan is issued, the owner of the vehicle will get an SMS.

The transport department has procured handheld devices or e-challan tabs, one for each of its enforcement wing teams. These devices will be technologically more advanced than the ones being used by the traffic cops at the moment and can act as POS (point-of-sale) machines that would accept fines through credit or debit cards and issue a challan on the spot.

The e-challan tab will be synced with the central database of the transport department and will immediately identify an offender, who will be issued an on-the-spot fine. The device will have a portable printer for immediate issuance of e-challans. It will also have an attached portable camera to take a picture of errant drivers and vehicles and send them to the central database.

The enforcement wings would be also armed with ‘body cameras’ which would live-stream the interaction between an offender and the traffic cop to the department’s control centre in real time.

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