No breaking traffic rules in Nagpur now

With Nagpur speeding towards becoming a smart city, the bulging city traffic has emerged as a big challenge for the city traffic police. The Nagpur Traffic Department has now established a fully synchronised City Operation Centre (COC) to keep track with every traffic movement and violation in the city, without physical presence of traffic police. This system has already started working and yielding substantial results as is evident from e-challans issued to by the traffic rule violators and other traffic offenders.

In the upgraded traffic management system, 3500 CCTV cameras have been installed across various signals and prominent areas of Nagpur. Of them, 3200 are already operational now. Supervised by the COC, the surveillance system is fully functional at the Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s new administrative building.

The Centre comprises a video wall, an IT cell, ACP cabin. Through live feeds of all the CCTVs installed across the city, COC puts up technology like ANPR (automatic number plate recognition), RLVD (red light violation detection) to track down offenders. Besides, the NMC team as well as police can also control and handle all the CCTVs sitting at the COC.

Camera watch at traffic signals
The following cameras have planted on traffic singles which are operated by COC:
– Pan] tilt and zoom (PTZ) camera which gives clear view up to 300meter
– Multi sensor camera with recording range between 80-100meter
– Fixed cameras
– Dome cameras
These cameras have installed with suitable angle to provide wider views of traffic signals

ACP Traffic Ashok Bhagul said “At COC, we are also working on vehicle profiles, which will divulge vital information about vehicles like its RC, PUC, insurance etc. However frequent offenders of drunken driving and violators of other motor vehicles act are being listed out. Such offenders will further be awarded with enhanced punishment. Any offender tends to break traffic rules frequently, will lose their registration and licence.

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