Mumbai Traffic Police plans for ‘Odd-Even’ parking system

Mumbai Traffic Police plans for ‘Odd-Even’ parking system

The Mumbai traffic police department is planning to implement an ‘odd-even’ style of parking for vehicles in congested market areas of the city.

As per the affidavit filed by the Traffic department in Bombay High Court, the odd-even system will be allowed on a pilot basis, for vehicles in the Kalbadevi market area in South Mumbai. The scheme will reserve parking on one side of the road on even dates and on the other side on odd dates. Plans to decongest the area also include bus lanes, new road signage, taxi parking spots and bays for handcarts and loading/unloading goods.

With a view to facilitate smooth traffic movement in the area and uninterrupted business activities, it has been decided to provide various measures to decongest these areas. Taking into consideration, it has been proposed to provide an ‘odd-even’ parking system on the roads of congested areas like Zaveri Bazaar, Princess Street and Kalbadevi. The traffic police are also in talks with the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to implement various measures to help reduce traffic woes in other crowded market areas across the city.

The odd-even formula does bring out the urgent need to combat parking issues in the city. But is it a sustainable solution?

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