Live-tracking of school buses in Pune

Live-tracking of school buses in Pune

The Pune Regional Transport Office (RTO) are developing a GPS-based mechanism to allow live-tracking of vehicles carrying children to schools and back home.

The mechanism, developed with the help GPS devices, would be developed in a way that would allow parents to track the vehicles live. Once the mechanism is in place, the drivers can focus on their work instead of answering to parents’ calls made on their cellphones.

The plan is to share the GPS link of a school vehicle, be it a bus or van, to the parents of children travelling in it. The parents can use the link and find out the exact location of the vehicle.

The RTO has also requested the education department to ask the schools to provide it with all information related to their respective transportation system by June 26. The transport authorities are building a database and each school will be providing with all necessary information which includes the number of buses & vans, details of drivers, conductors & transporters, registration number of all vehicles and whether the schools have transport committees or not.

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