Chennai Metro to introduce ticket payment system through mobile app

Chennai Metro to introduce ticket payment system through mobile app

Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) is planning to introduce a ticket payment system where a smartphone app or a small chip attached to the phone will be scanned by a reader for a ticket.

The concept uses near-field communication (NFC) technology that is at present used for scanning smart cards at the AFC gates as commuters proceed to the platform from the concourse level.

The new ticket payment system would require a smartphone application, which can be recharged at the counter or through recharge terminals for payment of ticket fare. The phone should also be NFC compatible.

When a passenger walks past the AFC gate, a reader will automatically detect the phone even if it is inside the pocket or a bag. It detects the app and registers the code of the station. As the commuter exits a station, the reader will again detect the phone through the app and deduct the fare based on the distance travelled. The readers at AFC gates are fed with station codes, distance and ticket fares.

However, if the smartphones are not NFC-enabled, commuters can purchase a chip that can be stuck to their phones. The readers will scan the chips, which can be recharged like a smartcard when commuters enter and exit stations. These chips cost about Rs 1,200 which the commuter may have to pay.

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