HPCL introduces RFID reader for seamless refuelling & billing

HPCL introduces RFID reader for seamless refuelling & billing

Vehicle owners can now drive into a fuel pump, fill up and drive out with the payment being debited from their account seamlessly. HPCL and payments & automation company AGS Transact Technologies have joined hands to develop a solution where the pump’s nozzle identifies a car by a chip near the fuel tank and dispenses petrol or diesel according to the amount the owner sets in a mobile app. The solution will do away with billing frauds as tagged car-owners will pay for only that fuel that flows through the nozzle.

HPCL plans to activate this service in 35 outlets in Mumbai city and has already gone live in close to 18 petrol pumps. The service — christened Fastlane — is targeted at all vehicle owners, the technology is being used for the first-time in the world for seamless refuelling and billing.

To enable this feature, the fuel-dispensing nozzle will need to be retrofitted with a chip reader and the petrol pump will need to invest in a radio frequency identification (RFID) controller. The communication to the petrol pump is through a mobile application, which includes a prepaid account. The customer recharges the app with the amount for the fuel that they need to fill. The RFID reader identifies the car and gets details on the amount and quantity by communicating through the app and fills in the specified quantity of fuel after debiting the account.

Fastlane aims to solve several problems besides billing. First, owners can get their vehicles filled without worrying about their drivers skimming some of the fuel into jerry cans. Then, they do not have to bother about cash, card or coupons for payments as the money can be preloaded using an app and the fuel will be dispensed according to the amount mentioned. Additionally, since the vehicle’s details are read by the nozzle, there is no chance of a mix-up between petrol or diesel or high-octane fuels for special vehicles.

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