Kitty Hawk unveils electric flying car

Kitty Hawk unveils electric flying car

Google co-founder Larry Page’s flying car company, Kitty Hawk, has revealed one of its upcoming flying vehicle aircrafts — the Flyer.

The single-seated electric Flyer, which is currently available for pre-order, can fly up to 10 feet high in the air with a speed limit of up to 20 miles per hour and is operated with two control sticks.

The Flyer is powered by lithium polymer batteries and provides a fully stabilised flight experience by utilising data from multiple smart sensors to make flying intuitive and easy, says the official website.

This latest model by Kitty Hawk has been designed, built, and tested by a team led by 2013 Sikorsky prize winner and Guinness world record holder Todd Reichert.

Till now, the Flyer has completed about 1,500 flights. Its sale price has not made been made public yet. Further, the company is also testing its two-seated pilotless flying taxi — Cora — in New Zealand.

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