In Haryana, Punjab ,Mohali has highest road accidents

 In Haryana, Punjab ,Mohali has highest road accidents

Road Safety Advisor Navdeep Asija has found that Mohali has the highest death rate from road accidents in Tricity, a study has found. The death rate from road accidents, measured per lakh population, was 20 in Mohali, 11 in Chandigarh, and nine in Panchkula, after a comparative analysis of all fatal accidents in 2017.

The team also took two major cities, one each from Haryana and Punjab — Gurgaon and Ludhiana. The death rate in Ludhiana was 14 while that of Gurgaon was as high as 36 in 2017.

According to the report, there were 107 deaths in Chandigarh in 2017 while 35 were reported from Mohali and 30 from Panchkula only within the city. In the analysis, Asija and his team took the population given in 2011 census and then the growth rate of population in all the three cities every year so as to arrive at the projected population in 2017.

As per the team, the projected population of Chandigarh in 2017 was 12,47,760 (with a growth rate of 2.42 per cent every year), which made for a death rate of 11. In Mohali, with growth rate of 2.30 and projected population of 1,71,441, the fatality rate was 20. In Panchkula, the fatality rate was nine for the projected population of 2,80,760 in 2017.

After analysing all the FIRs in accident death cases, it was found that in Chandigarh, there were 15 black spots within the city where the maximum accidents occurred. About 50 per cent of those who died in the accidents are pedestrians or cyclists near crossings or roundabouts.

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