Promoting bicycle movement

R.A.Rajeev, Metropolitan Commissioner, MMRDA, is seriously considering a movement by creating  creating bicycle stands at Metro stations, a few dedicated cycle paths that will enable people to cycle to stations and back home. Bike-share system can also be considered if Mumbaikars brace the concept. The system will provide bike-stations around Metro stations with parking facility. Should there be reasonable response, introducing a ‘self-driven-cycle-cab’ can also be considered. One can take a cycle from a bike-station and reach another one to cross the distance. Rajeev said that 60% of Finland and 57% of Japan’s population use bicycle. It’s 48% each in Belgium and Switzerland. 37.2% of China too uses bicycles. There’s bicycle movement in Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, United States of America. In fact, it’s the Bogota’s bicycle movement, which began in 1974 and became a Colombian tradition, is now spreading around the world.

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