Smart Policing initiative by Goa Traffic Police

Smart Policing initiative by Goa Traffic Police

The Goa police under its smart policing initiative, the ‘Traffic Sentinel scheme’ is offering cash rewards to citizens who are reporting violations over a period!

Kick-started in November 2017, under the scheme, any citizen in the state can send photos and videos of violations they come across with details of the violator’s vehicle (for e.g. number plate) to the contact number.

Depending on the nature of the violation, the complainant (whose identity is kept confidential) gets certain points. For e.g, if the watchdog reports a violation where three people are riding on a two-wheeler, they get 10 points, whereas if they report a violation where someone has parked on footpaths or zebra crossings, the complainant earns three points.

Once the traffic sentinel managed to collect 100 points, they can claim a reward of Rs 1,000. Till date, the traffic department have received over 1,000 violation complaints from 1,500 citizens via WhatsApp per day. And sometimes over 300 cases are reported by a single traffic sentinel.

The violators are issued notices under the Motor Vehicle Act, post which they must settle charges at the traffic cell. The Goa police is now planning to hold a lucky draw wherein a sentinel may have the exclusive chance of even winning a motorcycle or a car!

The initiative also received an award from the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), New Delhi.

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