Smart Sensors for Real-time traffic monitoring from Aabmatica

Smart cities require real-time monitoring of traffic at major strategic arterial/urban road network across the city which allows access to real-time traffic status from all critical locations. In addition, the solution should also provide live-traffic status, average speed, gap, headway, occupancy, counting and classification data. Aabmatica Technologies Pvt Ltd, one of the exhibitors of TrafficInfraTech Expo 2018, have developed these solutions using different 3D/4D, HD/UHD smartmicro sensors.

Forward firing 3D object tracking with UHD resolution along with laser scan technology are used to get the best results in all weather conditions.

The analysis and processing of traffic data software provides customizable reports both in tabular and in graphical form, based on the variables of interest as needed by the user department. The report generation can be done by selecting various parameters through a simple and intuitive graphical interface allowing to achieve maximum flexibility, or by selecting the standard reports with variables previously set.

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