Parking bays in Jharkhand to be colour-coded

From May 15, the parking bays in commercial hubs of Jharkhand will be colour coded! Parking bays will get colours – green, yellow and orange – and rates based on how close they are to market hubs.

Off-street parking (far from markets) will be coded green and be the cheapest. Parking nearer markets will be coded yellow and have higher rates. On-street parking (close to markets) will be coded orange and have the highest rate. Red will be a no-parking zone and JNAC will tow away vehicles after an hour.

The Urban development department has directed a traffic advisory panel to streamline traffic and parking with Jharkhand Municipal Traffic Management Regulations 2017.

Colour-code parking was decided for Sakchi, Bistupur, Kadma, Jubilee Park, Sitaramdera and Tata Main Hospital gates.

Maruti Suzuki will set up the Traffic Safety Management System and maintain it for two years. The commencement and operation of the TSMS will be under the charge of Delhi Police.

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