Pedestrian to be shamed on crossing road during a red light

JaywalkingJaywalking, which basically means that a person is crossing or walking on the road without regard for the traffic rules, is a common problem in many countries. To curb the practise, Hubei city in China has decided to do an interesting experiment to keep pedestrians from crossing the road during a red light. At an intersection in the city, pedestrians are sprayed with an automatic mini mist cannon if they get too close to the road while the light is red. The devices dissuade pedestrians from jaywalking. The system is also fitted with facial recognition technology so that the offenders can be identified as well as shamed

The city government has reportedly spent 1.3 million yuan (or approximately Rs 1.3Cr) on developing the system and plans to install the devices at major intersections across the city.

This is surely an interesting way to ensure that pedestrians are not crossing the road or jaywalking during peak traffic hours or even otherwise. Do you think, the government in India should also adopt the Chinese method to stop, prevent or restrict jaywalking?

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