World’s first battery-charging road opens in Sweden

eRoadArlanda, the world’s first ‘electrified road’ that can recharge the batteries of cars and trucks as they drive on it, was opened near Stockholm, Sweden. The road, which is 2km (1.2 miles) long, is divided into 50m (164ft) sections and each individual section is powered only when a vehicle is above it. A movable arm attached to the underside of each vehicle enables energy to be transferred from two tracks of rail in the road surface to a vehicle’s battery.

The project is run by a consortium comprised of the following partners: Elways, NCC, PostNord, ABT-bolagen, Vattenfall, DAF, KTH, Kilenkrysset, VTI, E-traction, GCT, KTH, Bilprovningen, Airport City Stockholm, Sigtuna kommun, Swedavia, Arlanda Stad Holding, TraningPartner, FirstHotel, Frost Produktion, SMM Dulevo och Sandströms Elfirma.

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