Smart signalling system at Rajkot

The Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) will be installing 45 new smart traffic signals with pedestrian crossing facility to ease the traffic chaos on city roads. The entire traffic signalling system will be connected with Eye-Way project.

The traffic signals will be monitored and controlled from the Nana Mauva multi-activity centre jointly operated by RMC and city police commissioner’s office. The signalling system will work on the basis of traffic movement in different areas. RMC will be conducting a survey to check number of vehicles passing through a crossing every day. The signalling system is expected to be functional by May 15.

Currently there are 11 traffic signals junctions in Rajkot city, but most of them are out of order and cops manage traffic manually. Rajkot RTO has 20 lakh registered vehicles of which 1 lakh new vehicles are registered in the last one year. This include 75,000 two-wheelers and 25,000 four-wheelers. Out of 20 lakh registered vehicles nearly 14-15 lakh vehicles ply in Rajkot city itself.

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