Videonetics forays into Bangladesh market

Videonetics, a leading Visual Computing Platform Development Company, has announced its entry into Bangladesh by deploying its state-of- the-art solutions comprising Intelligent Video Management Software (IVMS), Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) along with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system at the one of the largest manufacturing plants, located at Dhaka. Having the production capacity of 2500 MT/day, the factory contains valuable raw material, machinery, assembly floor or manpower that need around the clock monitoring and vigilance. Prior deploying the solution, the plant was majorly monitored by manned security, resulting into underlying challenges such as assets loss, equipment misuse/theft, chances of leaking confidential information, negligence in maintaining employee safety and security & much more.

To address the critical security requirements of the plant, Videonetics designed and developed a unified combination of the IVMS, Intelligent Video Analytics and specially customized ANPR system to read and capture Bangla License Plates. The solution is not only securing various areas such as assembly plant, warehouse, process, dispatch area, loading and unloading of hazardous materials along with employees monitoring but can also respond to potential security issues in a proactive manner. The 24/7 real-time monitoring is being held at the command control centre by the authorized officials and they can always search, analyse and playback footage of any event/incident. Avinash Trivedi, VP – Business Development, said that he was sure Videonetics’ state-of-the-art solution would set a benchmark in the country for securing such large premises.

Designed for manufacturing plant, Videonetics deployed IVMS solution to help in recording and viewing over 500 cameras over IP network in an efficient and elegant way. In addition, it provides investigation-friendly monitoring software at the front-end, while relegating to the back-end all the complexity of the server software. Enabling Intelligent Video Analytics at various locations helped in intelligent monitoring of vehicles, crowds, infrastructure, people and objects, for automatic detection and analysis of events of interest. To monitor vehicle movement at the exit and entry gates, ANPR system was installed to not only read license plates written in Bangla, but also capture the license plates of any vehicle(s) in the field of view (FOV) of a camera and stores them in database with time-stamp and can be reviewed for future use.

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